Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scattered Little Things

The website overhaul’s taking longer than expected. I need to finish up a sequel to a submission, and had forgotten about mother’s day. Little things pop up.

The hubby’s been sweet. He gave me a beautiful wine bottle opener last night. Every day this weekend = a mother’s day present. (He's a keeper.) And tomorrow, we’re hiking up a beautiful hill for a picnic. Yesterday, we rode bicycles to the store for gardening supplies.

I’m an awful gardener. I need a gardening mentor and motivator, but have no idea where to find one. No way, will I look online. I have found the worst, most vindictive crazy people online. Amongst my many good reviews, there are two negative reviews. Everyone has particular tastes, which is fine. However, one of these negative reviews is from an ex-critique partner I met in a forum. She uses multiple pseudonyms and copies and pastes that bad review on multiple sites.

Why haven’t I done the same to her? Not only would that be unprofessional, but I can’t endure reading any more of her work. I blocked her rants from my email. It’s like breaking up with a verbally abusive boyfriend who then scribbles your phone number on bathroom stalls. What do you do with that?

Speaking of avoiding crazies, I’ve been trying out software that motivates me to stay on task. “Freedom.” That fantastic name is misnomer. Freedom prevents me from online distractions while I’m writing. The internet is too alluring while writing act 2. Setting up Act 2 is riding a bike uphill. Sweaty, hard work. Act 3 is the fun part of coasting down the other side with wind blowing in your face and a thrill in your belly.

My website overhaul isn’t at the fun part yet. Last year I outgrew my old computer. I moved everything to a newer, faster, prettier model. Stupidly, I reorganized the files. This upset my visual web design program. (I mean no offense to Coffee Cup. I love you.) My website’s now a million piece puzzle scattered across my hard drive. Once put back together, new pieces can be added and out-of-date parts excised.

I’m definitely in a metaphor and simile mood today. I’ll have to chop those from my writing in the editing phase.

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Jennifer Wilson said...

Hey Van!

I just checked facebook today for the first time in forever. Got your messages from January, lol. I don't do facebook too much, so hit me up with an email and we'll chat and catch up. My email is Oh yeah, I am big into gardening so I will totally be your green-thumb mentor, and I'm not even that crazy... lol