Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RT Adventures and After-Party Chat

I partied at the Romantic Times BOOKlovers Convention in Pittsburgh last week. They let me sign books. My very first booksigning. There had to be at least two hundred other authors there and they were all amazing. The icing to this cake - cover models abounded.

Aren't they pretty? Baby, they can put their hands anywhere they want. :)

Oooh, and check out the star! It has my name on it!

For more pictures and to share your own, head over to Coffee Time Romance. The best RT pics win prizes. Yay! Tonight, Tuesday at 9pm EST at Coffee Time Romance, there'll be an After-Party chat. Come share your RT tales, gossip, pics, etc. Already I've heard the most amazing stories and can't wait to hear everyone else's adventures.

Did anyone else suffer the "Hilton Hotel disease"? I'm still recovering from it. No, it's not an STD, though that would be hilarious.


Jennifer Wilson said...

Ooh-la-la... Beef-Cake Surprise, my favorite!!! Thank god you have a hunky man of your own, or you might be in trouble. ( = Looks like you had a great time, not to mention you are smoking hot yourself. Congratulations Vanessa, and next time you are invited to a Beef-Cake-Fest, I think you should um... ahem.... Invite me.

Vanessa N. Gilfoy said...

Thank you. :) Come with me next year. It'll be in Orlando, Florida. Yay! Beef-cakes and Disneyworld, baby!