Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Won a New Covey Book Trailer Award!

And not just any New Covey Trailer Award. I won the new one, judged by award-winning screenwriters and directors from REC tv. Woo-hoo! Have you seen this site? It’s amazing! The Readers Entertainment Channel is an online television site where you can find original programming, author interviews, and gorgeous book trailers. Their primary goal is to promote reading as entertainment. I love them already.

RECtv is going to feature my Guardian of the Onyx Empire book video trailer and post it to either their Sci-Fi/Fantasy or Erotica channel. Yay! The book featured in this trailer is also the winner of a Night Owl Romance’s Reviewer Top Pick. Get your fix of an oh-so-sexy ex-love slave and his empress lover. Buy now.


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