Thursday, January 31, 2008

Four and a Half Hearts!

Woo-hoo! The review muses are smiling on me and I so want to hug them. Check out Night Owl Romance for a brilliant ray of sunshine.

Here's a peek. From the queen of Night Owl Romance, Tammie King - "I loved how Guardian of the Onyx empire was such a vivid work of art....Ms. Gilfoy has a vivid imagination and it shows in her work. You can literally live in her worlds. Just remember at some point you have to return to the real world."

Would it be wrong to paste the whole review here? I really want to.
Check it out! Guardian of the Onyx Empire earned a Reviewer Top Pick! Yay!
Oooh, btw, you have to come to their chat on February 4th. I'll be there and so will many other authors. Conversations range from Jesus baby butt blugs to Werepossums and their forked peni. The men and women there make me burst with uncontrollable laughter. There are also goodies and books to be won.

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