Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Five Blue Ribbons! And Twice!

OMFG! Five blue ribbons! Five! And twice! (Deep breath, and I'll start over.)

Today started miserably. I woke up to one horrible review and two emails rubbing my face in it. The review was the worst you could imagine from a woman who hates dark fantasy, yet for some reason decided to review mine. Maybe there was a contest to review as many books as she could; I don't know. Anyway, I felt like crap.

Just before bedtime, however, I found two more excellent reviews. Each of 5 blue ribbons, the highest possible! Yay! Oh, that made everything shiny. Jenn L, I love you. I could kiss you right on the mouth.

The lovely Jenn L of Romance Junkies wrote, "QUEST INTO THE FORBIDDEN is well-plotted and well written with hidden depths that are extremely engaging. As I read each book in this bright new world I have become more and more convinced of Ms. Gilfoy's brilliance as a writer and in me she has found a dedicated fan."

In her review of Guardian of the Onyx Empire, she wrote, "This second installment of Ms. Gilfoy's New Pangaea Series is as engaging as its predecessor, MASQUERADE OF THE CURSED KING, and left this reader wanting more the second I was finished."

She really lifted my writing spirits. You have to read the whole reviews. I love how detailed Jenn is. Check them out - GOTOE and QITF.

Oh, I'm going to sleep well tonight and maybe even have happy dreams.

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